Birthday Greetings - May 14, 1977

Birthday Greetings

May 14, 1977

A Toast

To a silver haired grand-mother, she's really a queen,
That to be loved, needs but to be seen.
Her vision is not as good as it used to be,
But anything I try to hide, she surely will see.
She reads a lot and listens to the media each day,
But she believes very little of what they say.
Todays youths don't talk or act as we used to do,
But you're an old fudy-dudy if you don't change too.
All the preachers on radio, for donations they whine,
But truth and guidance comes only from the bible, divine.
Her feet give her trouble, to run or walk they're not fit,
But she won't stay off them, she just will not quit.
For her will to keep going, I surely must boast,
So to my dear wife Elizabeth, I offer this toast.

J.B. Black Sr. May 14, 1977