Birthday Greetings - Golden Age Joy

Birthday Greetings

Golden Age Joy

I work or play, as I think best,
I shop or I stay home.
When weary I sit down and rest,
I bid one stay, another roam.
Because I'm

Now clothing sales, of rain-bow hue,
Excites me not, as it was won't.
I do thingsthat i like to do,
And leave undone the ones i don't,
Because i'm

When I am tired, I do not roam,
I like to rest, so you can see,
Why I read a book, or even a poem.
No more the strenous life for me,
Because I'm

My looks are now my fondest care,
Daily the soap operas I peruse,
I glory in my silvering hair,
I love my old comfortable shoes,
Because I'm

Let the youngsters lift the weary load,
And at the burdon tug and strain,
I love this easy restful road,
I would not climb lifes hill again,
Because I'm

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

J.B. Black Sr. May 14, 1977