A wish for 1917

A wish for 1917

Oh Father smile unto us,
So we can feel Thy presence here.
Then fill our hearts with Thy heavenly peace,
With love, with life, with cheer.

Prove to us that only prayer,
Will ease our doubts and fear.
Then comfort is with that glorious thought,
That Thou art always near.

Let Thy Holy Spirit abide with us,
And our faith in Thee renew.
The fill each heart withrigheousness,
And only Thee can do.

Teach us again in Thine own way,
Thy promises ever to trust.
And cause our faint hearts to know,
Thy acts are always just.

Show us again how to pray,
Our thanks and reverence to express.
Make us contrite and finitent,
So our sins we will confess.

Let Thy care and deep concren,
Guide us in everything we do.
And prove to us above all else,
That God's love is for me and for you.

Let Thy wisdom ever guide us,
Into Thy heavenly way.
And may Thy everlasting love,

Surrond us everyday.