A Sonnet to Winifred

A Sonnet to Winifred

Winifreds eyes are big and bright,
And mischief in them lies,
Her wavey hair is soft and light
From using Diamond Dyes.

She lookes so sweet and innocent,
You want to bow your head.
But she tells a story now and then
That makes your face trun red.

Her lips are bowed and crimson,
Each tooth is pearly white.
Her smile isn't a thing of beauty,
It really is a sight.

Her face is a graceful oval,
Her ears are dainty and pink,
You look at ther and wonder if
She is the missing link.

She's very bow-legged and pidgeon toed,
And bashfull and shy as sin.
But got to admit SHE'S A GRAND OLD GIRL
For the doggoned shape the's in.

If I've misjudged you in any way,
Oh lovely lady so charming and sweet,
I'll aplogize to you, my dear
On the very next time we meet.

I composed this sonnet to my daughter
Winifred on her birthday Jan.26,1976

J.B. Black Sr